The Pennyless Players is an English-speaking theatre and improv group based in Graz, Austria. It was founded in 2007 and is based at the English Department (Anglistik) of the Karl-Franzens University of Graz. 

The Pennyless Players put on 1-2 larger shows per year, and also participate in several smaller productions throughout the year. Every larger play consists of 20-30 actors, although the alumni group consists of over 100 members from all over the world. The current improv group boasts 15 regular members. The Pennyless Players are usually students from various Uni Graz facilities, but also include alumni and non-uni-related cameos.

Why the name? The Pennyless Players remain truly penniless, as all revenues from productions are donated to charity. The group is therefore strictly non-profit and all proceeds are donated without exception.

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Spot: Griesplatz Nord

Your only chance to see this marvellous bunch of people perform hilarious improvised scenes for you, this summer!
Like always, we will use your input to create unique, never-seen-before sketches - you don't want to miss this!