Sukha Yoga Graz

Sukha Yoga Graz

We are combining our passion for Yoga, movement, meditation and teaching to offer classes for everyone.
In all of our classes we connect movement to breath and draw our awareness inwards. We like to incorporate Pranayama (breath control) such as Anuloma Viloma or Kapalabhati (don’t worry, we’ll explain first) to draw your focus inwards and to sharpen your focus for the practice. We always start with a gentle warm up, work on Asanas (physical yoga poses), that create strength and flexibility in body and mind and then smoothly transition into Savasana (relaxation).

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Yoga für alle im Freien (Abgesagt)

Spot: Entenplatz

Yoga is for everyone - therefore we will be teaching a nice and gentle Hatha Vinyasa Yoga class matter what age, race, size, gender, favorite ice cream - everybody can join!

Think you're not flexible enough? Don’t have good balance? Have never done it before?
Yoga is perfect for YOU!

This is a great opportunity for beginners to see and feel what it is all about, however the class is catered for all levels of experience. Modifications are given and if you want an extra challenge we will for sure find a way.

This is a 75 minute fully guided ‘Hatha Yinyasa flow’ styled class focused around breath and movement through different postures and stretches. Our classes focus around mindfulness and giving you the opportunity to explore and challenge your strength, balance and flexibility.

At the end, there will also be an opportunity to join a little inversion workshop where we'll get you upside down - everything you have always wanted to try, you name it: Headstand, Forearmstand, Handstand, Crow pose, Scorpion, Bow Pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana) and more..

Bring your own MAT/ towel/ blanket (works just fine!) and your friends, kids, family, dogs, cats,.! :)

See you on the mat.