Base Verein

Base Verein

Taniwha in the Mur - Kinderumzug

Spot: Griesgasse


Findet in einem "Schönwettermoment in der Griesgasse statt


The concept is to present a carnival style, abstract interpretation of the Mur river which flows through Graz. In an effort to have a multicultural appeal various aspects from other cultures would be included making this presentation an artistic cohesive blend.

Similar to a Chinese style dragon costume, the presentation will be spearheaded by the Taniwha, pronounced tanifa, a Maori mythological creature considered to be a guardian of  people and places or dangerous and predatory. The Taniwha character will be followed by a procession of children representing the water.

Intermingled throughout would be representations of other cultural images.

This procession will be accompanied by music, yet to be determined. Ideally we hope to attract 30 children. Costume making would be a community effort. Parents who have their children participate may also walk along and would eventually have some mini accessory to blend with the group.